Weird Scholarships for High School Seniors

Weird Scholarships for High School SeniorsHigh school seniors and their families often worry about how to afford college. Some seniors take out student loans, while other students put off going to college because of the high price tag. However, none of this is necessary. There are all sorts of weird scholarships for high school seniors available. Most of the time, seniors don’t apply for these scholarships because they don’t know they exist. With a little bit of creativity and some Internet research skills, high school seniors should be able to afford a college education without going deeply into debt.

Weird Last Names

There are some weird scholarships available for students who have unusual last names. Since there are an infinite number of last names in America, it can’t hurt students to search for their name in Google. There may be weird scholarships for high school seniors that bear the student’s name, even if nobody in the family is aware of it.

These scholarships are usually in memory of somebody with that last name; they are generally school-specific, meaning that you have to go to the school that offers the scholarship in order to take advantage of it. North Carolina State University, for example, offers a scholarship to students whose last names are Gatling or Gatlin. There is one name-based scholarship that allows students to attend the university of their choice. If your last name is Valkenburg, you may be eligible for this scholarship.

Weird Heights

There are some weird scholarships for high school seniors based on their height. Students who are unusually short or tall may qualify for these scholarships. Boys who are more than 6’2″ tall and girls who are more than 5’10” tall may qualify for a scholarship from the Tall Clubs International. The Little People of America (LPA) organization offers scholarships to seniors of both sexes who are less than 4’11” tall. Students must belong to LPA to take advantage of these scholarships.

Dietary Choices

Both vegetarians and meat lovers may qualify for weird scholarships. The Vegetarian Resource Group offers $5,000 each year to two high school seniors who write an essay about their efforts to promote vegetarianism. The American National Cattlewomen Foundation offers a scholarship of $1,000 to students who promote the eating of beef .

Artistic Scholarships

There are weird scholarships for high school seniors who are interested in certain types of arts and crafts. The National Make It Yourself With Wool scholarship offers between $1,000 and $2,000 to students who knit. Students have to submit a knitted project to be eligible for this scholarship. Students who are musically inclined and enjoy composing or playing a subset of New Age music called space music may also be eligible for scholarships. Students’ compositions must evoke love for outer space. Finally, students who make their prom outfits completely out of duct tape may be eligible for a scholarship of up to $5,000 from Duck Brand Duct Tape.

High school seniors needn’t panic about the high cost of a college education. There are many weird scholarships available to help them go to school without having to take out loans.

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