3 of the most Unique Scholarships

Unique scholarships can provide you with some unexpected funding for your college education. These scholarships are meant to acknowledge the not-so-common talents in the world and award those who possess them. Everyone has a special character trait that makes him or her different than anyone else. These scholarships simply showcase those unique traits for all the world to see. If you have been looking for a new source of financial aid for your college education, one of these scholarships could certainly help you out.

unique scholarships3 Unique Scholarships

Tall Clubs International Student Scholarships

Tall Clubs International Student Scholarships are reserved for the shortly-challenged members of postsecondary society. If you are a man over 6’2″ tall or a woman over 5’10”, you could receive money from TCI to put toward your college education. The award amounts and availabilities vary by year, so you will need to check with your local TCI chapter to determine what you may be eligible for. As long as you are a member in good standing with TCI and under the age of 21, you may qualify for a scholarship from this organization. Talk to your local TCI for more information about how to apply.

Vegetarian Resource Group Scholarship

Ever wish you could get paid to go to college just because you chose not to eat meat? Believe it or not, you can with the Vegetarian resource Group scholarship. The VRG offers two scholarships of $5,000 for high school seniors who lead vegetarian lifestyles. The scholarship winners are chosen based on an essay they have to write about how being a vegetarian has allowed them to lead a peaceful life. If you have in fact benefited from vegetarianism in a positive way, you may consider applying to this scholarship before you reach college.

Chick and Sophie Major Duck Calling Contest

The Chick and Sophie Major Duck Calling Contest offers awards for high school seniors in the state of Arkansas. These scholarships are provided through a duck calling competition, where the most talented duck callers receive money for their college education. First place winners get $2,000, second place winners get $1,000, third place winners get $750, and fourth place winners get $500 each. If you plan to pursue a college education in Arkansas, one of these unique scholarships may be “calling” your name.

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