Student Bullying Facts and Infographic

School bullying has gotten way out of hand and continues to be a problem in many countries. Children are begging for help. We can do so much to help out. I used to work for a company called SchoolTipline. We would receive emails day after day about children being harassed and bullied beyond belief. Some of the stories that these poor kids would tell were heart-wrenching, yet, because of SchoolTipline’s role in keeping the anonymity of the reporter (for their safety), we couldn’t do much but try to contact their school administrators and let them know that there was a problem at their school with bullying, harassment,etc. According to our obligation to keep the reporters anonymous, we were able to let the administrators know of the problem, but we could not give them details as to who was reporting the incident.

I do not work for SchoolTipline anymore, but I do promote their service as one of the only sure ways to deter and often prevent bullying and harassment. I saw first hand the wonderful outcome schools had from using such a service. I believe that every school should have this or a similar service for their students.

A little snippet about SchoolTipline [SchoolTipline Presskit (PDF)]

SchoolTipline has grown from a web-based tip line to include a SMS
(text message) tip line, mass alerts & notifications via SMS and email,
an online survey engine to measure school safety and education
initiatives, and a robust incident case management tool.

Bullying Facts

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[Source: Buckfire and]

Student bullying in schools in the United States is a serious issue and very prevalent in our school systems today. The statistics show that a student is bullied every seven minutes in our country and that most bullying occurs on playgrounds. The effects of bullying are profound and have a major psychological impact on the bullied student and often causes learning problems in the classroom.

The majority of states have bullying laws on the books, but most are not significant enough to impact this problem or reduce the amount of bullying that occurs nationwide. Without more stringent laws and the actual enforcement of those laws, school systems will not feel the pressure to take the affirmative measures necessary to eliminate the bullying problem that terrorizes so many innocent and vulnerable children everyday.

The lawyers at our law firm receive calls from concerned parents every week about their children who are being bullied in Michigan schools. We are actively pursuing lawsuits in several cases. We created the infographic below to display the facts and statistics about student bullying. [Buckfire and Buckfire]

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