Scholarships for Juniors

Scholarships for juniors are not quite as common as those for seniors, mainly because high school juniors are a little farther away from college. Nevertheless, there are scholarships for high school juniors that you can apply for while in the 11th grade. There is no harm in applying for scholarships early, so you might as well start as soon as you can. You don’t even have to have a plan for the future to apply for one of these scholarships. You just need to abide by the application requirements at the time. Here are a few scholarship opportunities you may look into your junior year of high school.

Scholarships for Juniors: Ayn Rand Essay Contests

Ayn Rand Novels hosts several essay contests throughout the year to encourage students to expand their writing abilities. If you have a passion for creative writing, you may want to explore one of these contests during your junior year of high school. Several of them are actually designated for 11th graders, but those will vary by year. You will just have to look at the website whenever you feel like applying to figure out which scholarships may be best suited for your creative mind. One essay could pay off a large portion of your education in the future.

The Christophers Annual Poster Contest for High School Students

The Christophers holds an annual poster contest for high school students that offers 9th through 12th graders a chance to win money by designing a poster on a certain theme. The theme this year is “One Person Can Make a Difference.” If you were going to create a design, you would need it to be based on that topic. With a little creativity, you could earn up to $1,000 to put toward your college education. It can’t hurt to give it a try.

Scholarships for Juniors: Courageous Persuaders Commercial Contest

Courageous Persuaders holds an annual video competition where students submit TV commercials about the dangers of underage drinking. All high school students can apply for the competition, and the winning applicants earn money toward college. You could enter four years in a row, from 9th grade to your senior year. You don’t have to be a video production student to potentially earn money from your commercial. As long as you have a good idea and a way to put it on film, you could easily get money to help you pay for college.

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