Easy Scholarships

Easy scholarships are somewhat subjective because “easy” to one person may be “hard” to someone else. For the most part though, easy scholarships are defined as awards that just about anyone can apply for without having to write an essay. There are only a few of these in existence, but you might as well apply to the ones that you can. In a few minutes of time, you could potentially get a lot of money to help you pay for college. You have nothing to lose at this point, so why not give it a try?

easy scholarships to apply for

Here are a few easy scholarships to apply for

College Prowler No Essay Scholarship

The College Prowler no essay scholarship is perhaps the most known scholarship of its kind. Any high school or college student can apply for this award as long as he or she has a college to send the money to. Filling out the application takes two minutes at most, and then your name will be entered in a drawing. From there, you could win up to $2,000 to pay for your education.

Scholarship Points Monthly Drawings

Every month, ScholarshipPoints.com holds a drawing for an award of up to $10,000. All you have to do is fill out a short form online, and you could be drawn for one of these awards. You can see testimonials from past winners on the web for proof that these scholarships are real. Any current or future college student can qualify for one of these awards.

NextStepU Scholarships

The NextStepU scholarship program offers $10,000 awards for students who register for the site. Registration is totally free, and it only takes a few minutes to get through. If your name is drawn for a scholarship, you could win a ton of money for college without much effort in the first place.

Super Student Stimulus Scholarship

The Super Student Stimulus Scholarship program offers awards of $5,555 for students who sign up for Zinch.com. As long as you are in college or planning to enroll in the next 12 months, you could be eligible for this award. Like most easy scholarships, this award does not require much more than a short form for an application. You could have access to a ton of money with it in no time.

Sometimes it pays to be lazy – literally. Check out the easy scholarships to apply for listed above and see if you can win any of them for next semester.

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